Robin Green - contemporary art, drawings and paintings, Seattle, WA

My works are meditations on the ambiguous relationship between our rational and illogical selves, and/ or the uneasy relationship between humans, our built environment, and the rest of the natural world. My work is precarious, because I think that we are precarious too. And even though our world is built on a foundation of chaos and random chance, we try to order it, want to control it and pretend we understand it.

I make objects with dissimilar, contradictory materials. They are held together by gravity and magnetism. They decay. They are hard and soft. Balanced, but ready to fall. Even when not flat, they might read as paintings, or as altered images of real or personal landscapes. Sometimes I layer or twist geometry—the exacting stuff of flat planes, triangles, and rectangles—over something messy. I use hard metal—including kitchen hardware, clamps, and screws—and soft silk made variably stiff by paint. I make marks by folding and draping fabric in the most deliberate way. The work includes things I think are funny, my feminist ire and my reverence for the way a leaf can curl. I'm curious and I like to ask unanswered questions.