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flat, folded (then) flat, flat (then) folded
flat, folded (then) flat, flat (then) folded
graphite, ink, acrylic on layers of silks on birch panel
14.5 x 46 x 1.25"

A statement for flat, folded (then) flat, flat (then) folded

In general, my art practice is an ongoing investigation into the nature of being human, and how we perceive the world we inhabit.

The triptych shown here is a work on its own, and also a unification of an ever expanding group of works. In both the triptych and the larger group, I've been exploring the perception of space, specifically the interplay between objects, and the image of an object on a flat surface; generally the link between the perception of 2- and 3-dimensional space. The triptych here unites the process of discovery.

This triptych, and most all of the works in the larger group use grids as a common, uniting thread, and serve as an anchor for visualizing what would otherwise be empty space. The first piece of the triptych is a flat image of a grid; the second is a flat image of the same grid that has been folded; and the third is a folded object made from a duplicate of the first flat image of a grid.

All of it makes a messy, personal and informal exploration of materiality and landscape.